Our Vision & Mission

ECDK envisions a global energy future based on clean, prosperous and secure solutions.

To achieve this vision, we aim to mobilize the inheriting generations, bringing together people from all walks of life in a joint global effort. This movement unites the stakeholders with a particular concern for the environment, economic growth and international and social security, thus accelerating progress towards sustainable energy solutions.

ECDK aims at leveraging communication and cooperation between students and policy makers, other NGOs, and the private sectors who share the same interests, but often and from several reasons lack opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. We believe that this will encourage innovation and new ways of conceptualizing and dealing with the global energy challenges.


Our Values

  • Transparency and accountability: We acknowledge that we do not always know the best, but we are always open about our actions and motives
  • Honesty: We believe that we have nothing to hide, why we will always be honest about our actions, motives, and strategies
  • Multiple outlooks: We strive to represent the widest disciplinary view possible on the issues of concern
  • Accuracy of information: We strive to always provide the most accurate and scientifically correct information in all our activities
  • Uniting not dividing: We always look for collaboration and unity in operations and interactions
  • The stakeholders are the causes we aim to address: The causes are always more important than the people or groups profiting from it
  • Energy Crossroads is a non-profit, non-partisan organization

Our Team

Stefan Danielsson

Passionate about waste and energy, Stefan is actively engaged in ECDK since 2015, where he shortly became Vice President and then President. He enjoys applying his competencies in practice with ECDK. With his extensive knowledge of organic waste handling, skills in systems analysis (LCA), and experience from a start-up fighting food waste, he has been involved mainly as a project manager and mentor for DIS students on…

Felipe Levi

Felipe has been a member of ECDK since primo 2015 as a Vice President. He has been involved in projects such as Changing the Game, Energy Mondays as well as cooperation with DIS and welcoming of new volunteers. He enjoys spending time with the other members both socially and professionally. Felipe is currently employed at Biogen in the HSE & Sustainability department, working with chemicals safety, and waste and energy management (ISO 50001).    

Alessandro Monti

Alessandro is a lawyer and PhD researcher in International Law. His research focuses on climate change mitigation and the interaction of climate and economic law for the promotion of sustainable energy. He joined ECDK in March 2019, with the aim of expanding a community of like-minded peers who share a commitment to build a…

Salva Rodriguez

Salva has been involved in different projects in Energy Crossroads, including the Sustainable Innovators and she has contributed to the facilitation of Changing the Game workshop sessions. She believes in the capacity for youth to make a difference, through sincere engagement and effective action steps.

Silvestra Valciukaite

Silvestra has joined the organization in 2014 and has soon after become the President of ECDK until 2016. Silvestra has a particular interest for energy security and efficiency. She is involved at all levels of ECDK. Silvestra aims to expand Energy Crossroads and unite international youth for the secure and prosperous energy future.

Piret Liv Stern Dahl

Energy Crossroads has allowed Piret to create and participate in many energy and sustainability related projects. Piret is currently working at Climate-KIC with Online Education and enjoy the multicultural and multidisciplinary set-up for creating learning materials for people active in climate change mitigation activities. Piret has a background in environmental economics.
Energy Crossroads Denmark. Zarina Zharkimbekova

Zarina Zharkimbekova

I’m a graduate Master student in social sciences with a great interest in climate and energy-related policies and sustainable practices, which is why I have become a part of Energy Crossroads Denmark. At ECDK I’m responsible for organization and co-coordination of Energy Monday events and ECDK social media, as well as I’m involved in “Changing the city” project.
Energy Crossroads Denmark. Agnes Matuszak

Agnes Matuszak

My master’s program equipped me with interdisciplinary knowledge to tackle climate and environmental issues and thus contribute to a sustainable transition into low-carbon economy. My drive to take part in Energy Crossroads Denmark is to raise citizen’s awareness about local and global issues and to mobilize them to take action. I am motivated by working with like-minded enthusiasts and believe in making a change for a better…

Ania Malinowska

As a graduate master student, my interests lie withing renewable energy, sustainability and climate change mitigation solutions. My main motivation to join Energy Crossroads is to raise awareness of energy related issues like external costs of coal based systems and to encourage people to take action, both on local as well as a global scale. My motivation for joining the membership in…

Martina Šlesingerová

As a Project Developer intern I am developing new project Greenspiration event series. Particularly, my interests lie within climate change mitigation, environmental displacement and future technologies influencing sustainability. Combination of economic education and Global Refugee Studies, which I am currently involved in at AAU, gave me a unique view on today’s…

Maiju Tikkanen

I am one of the new interns at ECDK and a Project Developer for the new Greenspiration event series. When it comes to environmental issues, I have great interest on how food and especially meat production affects climate change, and how climate change affects on global migration. I’m studying Global Refugee Studies in Aalborg University and I have my background in Human Rights. I’m…

Our History

Energy Crossroads was born as a local conference in the spring of 2007 at University of Stanford, USA. The conference was initiated, planned, and hosted by students who felt the need to put focus on the global energy challenges in their community. The theme of the conference was to address the energy challenges from a viewpoint of a clean, prosperous, and secure energy future.

The conference being a huge success – key speakers including Thomas Friedman, among other highly acclaimed personalities – decided to test the concept and see if this could be turned into a truly global coalition of young people collaborating towards common goals. So, in the late summer 2007 the Stanford group traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, and later Copenhagen, Denmark where they together with Swedish and Danish students formed the initial outline of what is today Energy Folks and Energy Crossroads Denmark (ECDK).

Today, ECDK consists of students and young professionals, with multiple academic backgrounds and affiliations to a large variety of academic institutions, consultancies, and industry, including Danish Institute for study abroad (DIS), University of Copenhagen (KU), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Copenhagen Business School (CBS), as well as Dong Energy.

Legal Status

Energy Crossroads Denmark (ECDK) is registered as a non-profit association within the legal framework of the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency with the CVR/SE number DK31316529. ECDK is, by the Articles of ECDK, recognized as an association with a non-profit or common-good purpose (Chapter 2, §3).