Electricity Markets 2.0 – Network for Young Professionals

Do you know that technological transformations in the digital world will change the way the energy companies have operated for many years?

Renewable energy such as solar and wind are becoming cheaper and more competitive and electric vehicles are beginning to replace traditional combustion engine vehicles. With the interconnectivity of digital devices, the advancements in artificial intelligence, and the increase in energy storage capabilities, the way that end consumers interact with energy markets will be redefined.

Globally, the energy sector is facing a significant change driven by technological and digital developments, and new business models and services are beginning to emerge. To embrace this change, there is need for cooperation between different stakeholders representing businesses, industries, policy-makers, NGOs, students and civil society.

Do you want to build your network and interact with students, young professionals, and partners from Energy Crossroads Denmark?

The Electricity Markets 2.0 network targets passionate young professionals with a keen interest in renewable energy, sustainability, and technological advancements for better energy systems and policies. This network seeks to establish an active dialogue among relevant stakeholders for initiating change.The group is open for everyone with active moderation by us.
We are active, passionate, and ambitious!

Join the “Electricity Markets 2.0 – network for young professionals” on LinkedIn

You can find more information from the event and pictures on our Energy Crossroads Facebook page.

LinkedIn Network for Young Professionals Electricity Markets 2.0 will help you to:

  • Promote great job opportunities in your field of interest, as this network will be actively sharing internships and job postings from the partnering businesses and organisations, as well as by the network members themselves;
  • Get exposed to and learn from a wider range of perspectives on issues related to electricity markets, traditional and renewable energy, sustainability and climate change mitigation (paradigm shift in the sector overall);
  • Get updated on exciting new projects;
  • Connect with interesting and supportive stakeholders;
  • Get a foot in the networks’ communication channel and drive interesting discussions;
  • Participate and organize inspiring activities for the network members.

Join the “Electricity Markets 2.0 – network for young professionals” on LinkedIn

Ask an Expert Week#1: Blockchain Technology 

The Ask-an-Expert Week is an online discussion between stakeholders, citizens and experts about the challenges they face in the transition to green electricity markets. It  seeks to create awareness and shade light on how we may work constructively together to find solutions.

Ask an Expert Week#1 is a follow-up to our last Energy Monday (15.05) about Blockchain Technology in the energy sector. Read more about it on our Facebook event “Ask an Expert Week #1: Blockchain Technology“.

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Energy Mondays: trading energy with your neighbor – a close reality?.

Blockchain is a digital documentation of data and economic transactions that has potential to transform how people and business cooperate. In the energy sector a blockchain technology can lead to a transparency in transactions associated with energy generation and consumption. Thereby, it can lead to a more efficient distribution of energy on a global scale and cost-effective energy market. Some of the outcomes that the adoption of this technology in the energy sector can bring about are cheaper prices, decreased energy waste, and streamlined energy infrastructure.

 Electricity Markets 2.0 Conference The networking session is facilitated by IDA Young Professionals. They will help you to find the right connections in a casual setting.
Come and talk to likely minded participants and find out if you will make the next project with students from other universities!
Afterparty is in the books as well !!