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We are a young, international, non-profit association

 We aim at mobilizing a coalition of rising young leaders from across many sectors and disciplines to advance clean energy as a unifying solution to national security, climate, and economic competitiveness challenges.

We do hands-on projects…….we play games….


…we organise large conferences……..and small workshops…


….we are educational……we visit stuff……we support other associations around the globe…

…and we are a fun bunch of people

Among us are future policymakers, technologists, entrepreneurs, academicians, and activists. We are guided by the belief that whether we are tree-hugging environmentalists, national security hawks, or clean-tech entrepreneurs, we all have a stake in a cleaner, more secure, and more prosperous energy future.

Our activities are designed to engage, educate, and empower students and our community members to deliver clean energy solutions.

Energy Crossroads Denmark is a fun and dynamic platform for inspiring, empowering and nurturing ideas of youth. It provides them with tools and motivation to form and run projects that address challenges in the areas of sustainable energy development, energy-efficiency, community building and education.

Energy Crossroads Denmark gives an opportunity to work with a group of energetic and talented young people, who share values, interests and complement each other in diverse backgrounds and views. Energy Crossroads Denmark provides skills to our members in a vast array of areas, e.g. project management, leadership, facilitation, public speaking, and most of the disciples one could find in an organization that runs projects: marketing, accounting, communication… You chose what skills you want to develop and chances are you will find it at Energy Crossroads Denmark.

You want to act. You want to make a difference. You think you can. Make a difference. Join us!