Energy Crossroads Denmark believes in a clean, prosperous and secure energy future that is sustainable

We aim to inspire, empower and foster the next generation of energy and sustainability leaders, through dynamic and thought provoking workshops and professional development activities.

To de-carbonize the energy sector

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to reaching a CO2 neutral society. Energy will always be essential for the functioning of the society, and it is important to carefully introduce energy technologies and systems that will decouple growth (GDP) from CO2 emissions.

To raise awareness

Interdisciplinary cooperation and knowledge exchange across different backgrounds, experts, and enthusiasts leads to the success of the green energy transition. This way we can involve stakeholders from policy, industry, and academia to increase awareness for the common good.

To contribute to the green transition

We are dedicated to mitigating causes of climate change impacts in a sustainable way, by investigating how green energy can be integrated across different sectors in a smart way. This at the same time implies improving on the demand side management and consumption efficiency.