Changing the Game

Changing the Game (CtG) is an educational tool allowing participants to create their own future energy scenario for 2030. Using LEGO® bricks and Change cards, the game gives a simplified simulation of the real-life energy system planning challenges. In the six years since its first launch, the concept has proven internationally successful and has been developed into versions for schools, universities, conferences, and ad-hoc workshops, as well as an online version.

CtG is based on a quantitative model which comprises of the European energy system divided in four characteristics regions: North, South, West and East.

4-region-scenarios-CtG game

Fed with data derived from the EU commission’s reference scenario (open scientific planning tools i.e. STREAM) it provides, approximations of realistic energy scenarios divided into electricity, transportation, heating and industry sectors

CtG captures the underlying principles and limitations when planning energy systems and translates concepts and numbers into a visual representation expressed in LEGO® bricks and game cards. Using brick colour and size to convey essential planning elements such as primary sources of energy and related CO2 emissions, and cards to offer pre-computed planning options and costs.


CtG Workshops

Changing the Game offers facilitated group discussions on our energy challenges, open exchange of perspectives, while grounding the discussion in facts,  resulting in a deep-dive, yet accessible, understanding of the energy challenges and opportunities.

A CtG facilitated workshops can take from three hours up to two days.

The compact variant of three to 5 hours is focused solely on creating an energy scenario, going through several stages of development, as illustrated here on the right.

An extended version includes further “fishbowl” negotiations, emulating international consensus development, such as in the European 20/20/20 negotiations. These negotiations can be concluded with a policy analysis applied to the agreed scenarios.


Contact our Changing the Game team to understand how you may able to use this training tool in your institution, event, school or university course. On occasion we can also train new facilitators. Note that we are based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We are looking forward to collaborate with you.

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In case you are based in Germany or Austria, or otherwise interested in hosting an event with a German variant of Changing the Game, we recommend getting in touch with our partner in Germany: artefact

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