Energy Mondays -How can we measure the environmental impact on products? by

Energy Monday talk series invite you for an interesting discussion  about How can we measure environmental impacts of products and is there such a thing as a sustainable product.

“What gets measured gets managed” is a common saying. The world is in crucial need of effective management of our relationship with nature. This is evident by the existence of increasing environmental problems such as climate change and water scarcity. Environmental sustainability can be seen as the ultimate goal of environmental management.

  • How do we measure the environmental impacts of products, technologies, lifestyles, companies, countries, etc.?
  •  How can we define environmentally sustainable products, companies, etc. in terms of “allowable” environmental impacts?
  • Does it even make sense to use the sustainability term at the scale of products?

After all, environmental problems operate at much larger scales than individual products and products do not exist in isolation, but are parts of larger complex societal systems.

We are delighted to announce our speaker for this month’s event:

  • Anders Bjørn – PhD Indicators for absolute environmental sustainability in a life cycle perspective at DTU Management.

The Free Energy Mondays event will be in the Main Hall on the 1st floor at Studenterhuset (Købmagergade 52, 1150 København) on 7th December from 7pm – 9pm.

Please register via our Facebook event Page link above:

2015-12-07 19:00 2015-12-07 21:00 Europe/Copenhagen Energy Mondays -How can we measure the environmental impact on products? by Studenterhuset (Main Hall-Upstairs)