Energy Mondays: Trading energy with your neighbor- a close reality?

Energy Monday. Blockchain in the energy sector

The Energy Monday series presents “Trading energy with your neighbor – a close reality?”.
Blockchain is a digital ledger of data and economic transactions that is almost impossible to hack. Blockchain technology promises to eliminate the currently biggest concern around digital transfers of money and sensitive information, the security. That makes this technology ‘an apparently mundane process that has the potential to transform how people and business co-operate’, as The Economist assesses.
According to the World Economic Forum, 2016: ‘Like the Internet, blockchain is an open, global infrastructure upon which other technologies and applications can be built. And like the Internet, it allows people to bypass traditional intermediaries in their dealing with each other, thereby lowering or even eliminating transaction costs’.
In the energy sector a blockchain technology can lead to a transparency in transactions associated with energy generation and consumption. Thereby, it can lead to a more efficient distribution of energy on a global scale and cost-effective energy market. Some of the outcomes that the adoption of this technology in the energy sector can bring about are cheaper prices, decreased energy waste, and streamlined energy infrastructure.
This event will give a general overview of what blockchain technology is. We will discuss the main characteristics of blockchain technology and why it may be relevant in the future. Some other topics will include:
• What role can blockchain technology play in the energy sector? • How can it engage different system agents (especially consumers) in trading? • How would the payment system work? • What are some integration challenges and how will it affect end users? • What are the cyber security risks associated with this technology? Who can access the data and who is responsible?
To answer all of these questions and more, we have invited three experts from the field, with different backgrounds, to discuss the potential of blockchain technology. They will also give us an insight of some current projects utilizing this technology.
Our speakers:
** Pierre Pinson – Professor and Head of the Energy Analytics & Markets group, Center for Electric Power and Energy DTU. To download the presentation in pdf: EM-15-05-2017 Pierre Pinson Blockchain.
** Rasmus Reeh – Senior Developer / Chefkonsulent at Copenhagen Solutions Lab
** Michel Avital – Professor, Department of Digitalization CBS.
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2017-05-15 19:00 2017-05-15 21:00 Europe/Copenhagen Energy Mondays: Trading energy with your neighbor- a close reality?

Will trading energy with your neighbor become a close reality?
Blockchain: How Bitcoin could be a catalyst for the distributed energy grid?

Studenterhuset, Mainhall, 1st floor