Our Vision & Mission

ECDK envisions a global energy future based on clean, prosperous and secure solutions.

To achieve this vision, we aim to mobilize the inheriting generations, bringing together people from all walks of life in a joint global effort. This movement unites the stakeholders with a particular concern for the environment, economic growth and international and social security, thus accelerating progress towards sustainable energy solutions.

ECDK aims at leveraging communication and cooperation between students and policy makers, other NGOs, and the private sectors who share the same interests, but often and from several reasons lack opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration. We believe that this will encourage innovation and new ways of conceptualizing and dealing with the global energy challenges.


Our Values

  • Transparency and accountability: We acknowledge that we do not always know the best, but we are always open about our actions and motives
  • Honesty: We believe that we have nothing to hide, why we will always be honest about our actions, motives, and strategies
  • Multiple outlooks: We strive to represent the widest disciplinary view possible on the issues of concern
  • Accuracy of information: We strive to always provide the most accurate and scientifically correct information in all our activities
  • Uniting not dividing: We always look for collaboration and unity in operations and interactions
  • The stakeholders are the causes we aim to address: The causes are always more important than the people or groups profiting from it
  • Energy Crossroads is a non-profit, non-partisan organization