Our Team

Piret Liv Stern Dahl

Energy Crossroads has allowed Piret to create and participate in many energy and sustainability related projects. Piret is currently working at Climate-KIC with Online Education and enjoy the multicultural and multidisciplinary set-up for creating learning materials for people active in climate change mitigation activities. Piret has a background in environmental economics.

Alessandro Monti

Alessandro is a postdoc researcher at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. His research focuses on climate change mitigation and the interaction of climate and economic law for the promotion of sustainable energy. He joined ECDK in March 2019, with the aim of engaging with a community of like-minded peers committed to build…

Lena Kitzing

Lena is actually one of the Advisor seniors of Energy Crossroads Denmark about ECDK Treasure and Energy Tours. Lena has initiated the CPH Energy Tours project,  helps out as facilitator and game organiser of Changing the Game, and give us adviser relate to the financial and organizational matters of ECDK.

Salva Rodriguez

Salva has been involved in different projects in Energy Crossroads, including the Sustainable Innovators and she has contributed to the facilitation of Changing the Game workshop sessions. She believes in the capacity for youth to make a difference, through sincere engagement and effective action steps.
Energy Crossroads Denmark. Agnes Matuszak

Agnes Matuszak

My master’s program equipped me with interdisciplinary knowledge to tackle climate and environmental issues and thus contribute to a sustainable transition into low-carbon economy. My drive to take part in Energy Crossroads Denmark is to raise citizen’s awareness about local and global issues and to mobilize them to take action. I am motivated by working with like-minded enthusiasts and believe in making a change for a better…