Location Spotlight: Denmark

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Smart Cities testing in Svebølle, Denmark. How do we create sustainable habits to technologically advanced cities?

Q: How to make new energy publics emerge in Nordhavn and Svebølle?

The first response came with a very good question: How do you make the citizens of today dream about cities made otherwise?

We need to inspire people to pursue sustainable energy actions. The technology is already available, we just need to implement it in the most practical way!

In order to implement smart cities, you need to test different solutions. The goal is to see what citizens need, want, and how do they respond to those different living solutions. That’s what you can do in a small town, like Svebølle. In this town that has 65% district heating, citizens are very eager to participate.

The most important task is to engage citizens and show them that their actions matter. Smart city does not imply that it is sustainable. It is not just about technology, but rather people’s sustainable living habits.

There are a few things we need to consider when thinking sustainable living:

Information is important. Positive feedback mechanisms. Key people who make decisions. Projects that will help Copenhagen reduce its CO2 emission and become carbon neutral.

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Things are being enabled, and solutions are being provided by looking at what people are doing. Its is not just technology that can be smart, it’s about people making practical solutions.

This meeting is about inspiring citizens. It’s about visualisation and simulation of business case, how can we improve our living standard efficiency, and it’s about inspiration and engagement of citizens on projects that are less carbon consuming.

Soundbites from the talks and debates hosted by Energy Crossroads on Nov 7th, 2016.

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