• Interview with Mike Townsend

    Founder of Earthshine, part of advisory board at University of Oslo and author of the Quiet Revolution.

  • Energy Crossroads Denmark. Movie Reviews: Before the Flood

    Movie Reviews: Before the Flood

    Movie is available for free in 45 languages on National Geographic Channel since October 30th, 2016.

  • Energy Crossroads Denmark. Location Spotlight: Sweden

    Location Spotlight: Sweden

    In Stockholm, Sweden, ECDK team learned about the bio-dynamic farming and city planning.

  • Energy Crossroads Denmark. South Pole.

    Location Spotlight: Iceland

      For those people who don’t believe that renewable energy technologies can sustain society’s way of living, they are wrong!

  • Location Spotlight: Greenland

    Reflections on 5 days in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Unique experience with the environment and natives.

  • Energy Crossroads Denmark. Startup Denmark

    Location Spotlight: Denmark

    Smart Cities testing in Svebølle, Denmark. How do we create sustainable habits to technologically advanced cities?

  • Meet previous bloggers

    Meet previous bloggers

    Hello everyone! We are Brooke, Vanja and Ethan and we are all currently studying abroad in Copenhagen all learning about renewable energy.